Is Philosophy Useful?

2 Dec

Matias: “Philosophy! But for what reasons? It’s no use!”

Promoting self-sufficiency, not fame: Diogenes of Sinope

Maria: “I don’t know… It gives a faculty to recognize when a man or a woman is indoctrinated and brainwashed and a prisoner of some world view. A prisoner of science, politics, nature, men or… Or whatever.”

Matias: “Bitch! What on earth is philosophy of any use for anybody? Explain!”

Maria: “The use is such that one grasps that a man or a woman not being able to think nothing but work and money is not free. How is that? By philosophy. Can you?”

Matias: “Can what fucking what?”

Maria: “To reason… Or being able to think something else?”


Maria: “Thanks! Bitch.”

Matias: “Hey come on! That’s not fair.”

Maria: “Philosophy as a way of life… Yeah that is. One educates oneself. It’s the means to the peace of mind. I’m afraid of philosophy as a lifestyle and a culture is disappearing due to the academic philosophers deifying science and matter.”

Matias: “I wanna… No! Wanting drinking is so gooooodd.”

Maria: “Politicos and state moralists like you. They play their game behind the scene being a part of the problem. States make the world in Earth insecure, not philosophers.”

THE CYNICS AND FREE ONESELF FROM CONVENTIONS (A radio discussion about the Cynics, 45 minutes)


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